Frequently Asked Questions

How did you meet?

We were both in a USA leadership training class that met monthly. We spoke a few times and after my birthday party at Lazer Park, we im'ed frequently. What really closed the deal was when Richard ferried me up and down a long flight of steps (since I was on crutches) at the Jewish community center where we were doing a mitzvah day project. We joke now and say "I haven't gotten off his back since!!"

Where did he propose?

In Central Park - in a carriage. And he got it all on film!

Where are you going on your honeymoon?

We are going to the Amalfi Coast. Afterwards, we will drive to Rome to sightsee and shop. The grand finale is a U2 concert in the Olympic Stadium.

How many times has Rich seen U2?

Oops - people don't really ask that but I thought I'd throw that in. Too many times to keep track of.

Where are you registered?

At www.bloomingdales.com and www.TheWeddingChannel.com

What are my options as far as New York transportation is concerned?

Taxi - Yellow cabs will have their yellow roof light on if available. They are metered. Starts at $2.50 and goes up by $0.40 each 1/4 mile. They can be hailed anytime, anyplace. There is a fixed fee from the airport (just ask the taxi dispatcher). You haave to pay tip and toll.

Subways & Buses - Buy a metrocard so you don't fumble with exact change (single fare is $2.00 - no matter how long the ride) Subway requires a metrocard whereas you could use coins for buses.